Friday, February 27, 2009

Recycling at Work

Have you ever really thought about how much a business wastes? Let's use paper as an example. I know that I tend to waste a lot paper when printing and writing down things on my pad of paper. It might be helpful to ask various people around the office if they feel they are being wasteful. If you do find that your company wastes a lot, and currently are not recycling, consider recycling. It really is simple and helps in such a huge way.

The first step to starting a recycling program in your work place would be to select someone to coordinate it. Second would be to pick the materials in which you would like to recycle; so in my case it would be paper. Third would be to decide the collection method. Are you going to have multiple bins; One for white paper, one for colored paper, one for cardboard, etc. The fourth step would be to either post memos or send emails to all of the employees in the office, to make sure they are aware of the recycling program. The fifth would be once you have your bins full of paper, how do you get rid of it. Well, you can either have a company come and pick it up or you can take it and drop it off. I would suggest that if you have a minimal amount of paper, it would be easier to drop off and if you have a mass abundance, it probably would be better for them to pick it up.

A few other office things that can be recycled are ink jet cartridges as well as toner cartridges. Once you've set up your recycling program, monitored it for a month or two and see if it has a positive effect on the company.