Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Knew....

I was reading an article on The Daily Green about keeping a pitcher of water in your fridge and what benefits it would have for conserving energy and water.
Did you know that by simply keeping a pitcher of water in the fridge from the tap will help keep your food cool. It also provides you with a cold glass of water whenever you need it. So no more letting the water run to get cold or needing to use much ice, which cuts down on waste and conserves energy.This also will help cut back on buying already bottled water, which can have a nasty effect on the environment.
Now if you are anything like me you are probably saying " I don't really like tap water that much." Well in that case you could always purchase a filter for your faucet or a pitcher that filters the water. They are easy to come by and they are not very expensive. For some different types of filters you can check out or just go to your local Walmart or Target.

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Katrina said...

I totally agree. I have kept a (PUR) 2 gallon filtered water jug in my fridge for years. I always have water when I need it and I don't have a ton of half full water bottles when guests leave. I can use the FREE water from the tap, and it taste better than most bottled water anyway.

Great blog. Its so simple, there is no excuse why we shouldn't all be doing it.