Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day as most of you know is a day that we celebrate our earth and find ways to keep our planet clean and protect our environment. Earth Day was born on April 22, 1970 in San Francisco, CA and will be celebrating it's 40Th anniversary next year in 2010.

To give you a little history, Earth Day was evolved over a period of seven years; that started in 1962. Senator Gaylord Nelson founder of Earth Day persuaded President Kennedy to give light regarding this by launching a national conservation tour. After President Kennedy's tour, six years would have passed before the idea that became Earth Day, finally occurred in 1969.

The City of Modesto and The Citizen Advisory Committee on Recycling represents Earth Day In The Park Festival. Modesto's 20Th annual Earth Day is held at Graceada Park on April 22ND of every year; the park is located between Needham and Sycamore. During this festivity in the park there will be many vendors, live music, activities for children, great food, literature to enlighten you about Earth Day as well as environmental products. It really is a good time and fun just to walk around and see all the different aspects of the earth. Listed below are a few different websites that you can visit if you are considering doing any volunteer work on Earth Day. Check them out!

Sierra Club

US Environmental Protection Agency

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