Friday, December 12, 2008

"Green" Christmas Gifts

Why spend money on Christmas gifts that someone might or might not use! The way to go this year is to give real, useful products such as Kathy's Climate Kit's. These kits have a variety of home efficiency items that can help you start being green. Included in Kathy's Climate Kit is: 2 CFL's, window weatherstripping, an auto-sensor LED nightlight, a faucet aerator, tire pressure gauge, compact reusable Chico-Bag, a form letter for reducing junk mail, 3 pre-stamped letters to Congress on climate policy, a reusable grocery bag, a toilet tank bank (saves water when flushing), toilet leak detection dye tablets, and some informative Climate Cards. They will also make a donation to an environmental organization based on what you've done to fight climate change in your home.

You can also put these together yourself and give them as gifts. The basket below contains many home energy efficiency aids such as: a programmable thermostat, do-it-yourself weatherization products, compact fluorescent light bulbs and a tip booklet.