Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Which Candidate Thinks Like You

It may be election night and you may have already voted but there's still time to take the "Which Candidate Thinks Like You?" election quiz over at thedailygreen.com. Just like voting you don't have to tell anyone which one you favor just smile knowingly when your candidate wins.

Don't Let The Holidays Get You Down

So the holiday season is upon us and so is the season for colds and flu. With the passing of money back and forth with holiday shopping and the elevated stress levels it's a given you're going to get sick.

Not to worry though, The Daily Green has some advice that will help keep you healthy this winter.

For instance, I never knew that eating carrots would help get rid of headaches or that tomatoes could ease the pain of minor burns.

thedailygreen.com: Phytonutrients in fresh produce, like the beta carotene in carrots, can reduce inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain. Eating two cups a day can help some people reduce headache incidence by 70%!

For minor burns, slice a tomato and apply it to the burn, allowing the juice to fully dry. Tomatoes have nature's healthiest dose of lycopene, which is anti-inflammatory.

Be sure to check out the other tips at TheDailyGreen.com and let us know your great winter tips by leaving us a comment.

Photo by Claudecf via Flickr.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Here are a few things that we can expect from our favorite coffee company coming up in the near future. As part of its Shared Planet™ program, Starbucks has vowed to:

* Making 100 percent of Starbucks cups to be reusable or recyclable.
* Increase and encourage in store recycling.
* “Greening” all new, company-owned stores by 2010.
* Growing and ethically trading 100% of the company’s coffee (up from the current
* Contributing more than 1 million community service hours annually in Communities where the company does business.
* Reduce its global impact by conserving water and energy and promoting forest conservation.

Starbucks has committed to achieving these goals by 2015. Current Starbucks is already supporting other green programs in stores; such as a 10-cent discount whenever a customer brings there own cup to fill up instead of a store paper cup.