Friday, October 10, 2008

Plastic Recycling Codes

We all know that we need to recycle our plastics, but did you know that there are different types of plastics and that you should not necessarily put them all in your bin at home? Some of them need to be taken down to other designated places to be recycled. Plastics have codes on them with different symbols that designate what type of plastic they are. The Daily Green posted a list with all the different types and codes for plastics. This list will help you figure out if your plastics are eligible for curbside pick up or not. I like this this also because it tells you what certain types of plastics are recycled into. So lets keep on recycling because we need to save as much energy as possible!!

For a complete list of the different codes click here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frogs In Trouble

It looks like the little, green amphibians are facing extinction. Why would this concern us? Scientists say that amphibians are indicators of how the environment changes. Since they breathe partly through their skin, they are more sensitive to things such as disease, pollution, toxic chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, and habitat destruction. So the fact that they are showing signs of going extinct could be early warning signs that some ecosystems are out of whack.
There is hope though, Jane Goodall has been talking to zoo's regarding an international breeding program called the Amphibian Ark. This is where amphibian's that would otherwise go extinct would be put into biosecure shipping containers to let them be able to breed safely until they can be secured into the wild.
Personally, I am glad that people are working together to help frogs. I love the little guys, not only because I think they are cute and they get rid of annoying flies, but know because it means that our environment is doing well.

Endangered Species

How important is the specie life to us in today's society. Probably not as important as it should be. McDonald's Corporation and Cl partnered up almost 20 years ago in creating on the ground conservation efforts along side and educational outreach campaign. This campaign is focused on teaching kids how important it is to protect endangered species.

McDonald's in Europe has turned something useful into something fun. This partnership has launched a happy mean promotion. This happy meal special is a great way to make children and parents more aware of endangered species and how they are being threatened by climate change. The promotion is focused on 8 species of endangered animals. These 8 animals are:









This is a unique opportunity to empower children to make conservation an every day part of their lives. For more information you can visit and

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Stop Gardening Advice

Fall is the perfect time to begin thinking about your yard for next year. The soil is still soft and easy to dig, the days still have good sunshine in which plants can develop root systems and build nutrients, and winter is just around the corner so your fall plantings will go dormant and get the rest for that busy spring that'll be here before you know it.

Now that I've got you thinking you're probably wondering, "Hmmm...what should I plant?" Well obviously you want to plant drought tolerant, low maintenance, low water plants right? Have no fear all the information you want is at one easy to find place, the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service has information on plant needs, choosing the right plants (list included), efficient watering, installing irrigation systems and lots more to help you get ready for next spring.

Photo by Kristie Tuthill via Flickr.

$700 Billion Bailout Helps the Environment Too

With the ups and downs of Wall Street and bank closings topping the news every night it's easy to see why millions of Americans think the $700 billion financial bailout bill is going only to the banks and Wall Street but, the reality is, the bill is targeted at almost everyone across this country from teachers to cattle ranchers and even the environment.

The new bill, passed last week, creates and extends tax credits and incentives for businesses large and small. The incentives for renewable and green energy extend investment credits for solar energy, as well as breaks for wind, geothermal and other alternative sources for another eight years. According to the solar industry by extending the credits through 2016 an additional 440,000 jobs will be created and more than $230 billion in investments as well as encouraging growth in the renewable energy market.

If you decide to buy an electric vehicle you could receive a tax credit ranging of up to $7,500. If you bike to work your employer can exempt from taxation what they spend on some of the fringe benefits for workers who commute by bicycle (e.g. reimbursing the cost of parking the bikes.)

So whether or not you believe the fiscal bailout bill was a good idea or bad, know that at least, in the long run, some good will come of it.

Photo by Bruce McAdam.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Venus Flytrap Being Poached?

I never would of thought that a plant could be prey for poachers. But apparently, the Venus flytrap is a hot commodity to poachers. I found an article on detailing how the habitats for the Venus flytrap are being made into shopping centers and golf courses. People hunt out the flytraps, take them from their soil and then sell them on the Internet and on the side of the road. Luckily, there are people out there trying to save the flytraps. They really not as dangerous as people think they are. Who wants a fly around any way right?

To read the full article click here.

Photo by David Midgley via Flickr

'Green' Halloween Costumes

Black and Orange are usually the colors of Halloween, but this year, why not try GREEN!!!! Okay, okay, I'm not telling you, you have to be the Jolly Green Giant or anything... But you can make a costume out of recyclable material... Check out these suggestions below! (Click on the links to view what they were made with.)

Handmade Crocodile CostumeCoke Can Birdman (or any other beverage that comes in a can)

For the very brave the Great Pumpkin Costume!
For more ideas visit MSN's website at