Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eco-Unfriendly Paint

It is a known fact that paint is the most hazardous household waste across the country. Before painting anything you should always measure the area you are going to paint. you should do that not only to save money but most importantly you won't have excessive paint lying around. It is known that generally one gallon will cover approximately 400 sq. ft.

The reason for Eco friendly paint is because indoor air is one of the five leading health risks that Americans face. Hazardous paints have something in it called Volatile Organic Compounds; also known as VOCs. These can and will add release low-level toxins into the air you breath.

When buying paint try and get a recycled latex paint. This non harmful paint is usually just re blended or reprocessed back in with new paint. This is good to do because you are proliferating the paint recycling market.

When storing paint, cover it with plastic wrap and then put the lid on it. Always store in moderate temperature away from children and pets. Always try reusing your paint or give it to someone else to use. If you do decide to dispose of paint always use a metal recycling program.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sun Exposure: A Scary Thought

So, I have 20 days until I leave for my cruise to the Caribbean. I am slightly nervous about the sun exposure, because to be honest... my legs have not seen the sun in a good three or four years. How scary is that?!? I know that I am going to need an exceptionally awesome sunscreen, but which one is going to protect my sensitive skin the most from harmful UV rays? I came across a website called SkinDeep, which is run by the Environmental Networking Group. On their site, I came across a section on sunscreen. It has a list of the top 10 best sunscreens, along with field that you can search for certain brand names. Most of the names on the top 10, I did not recognize. I decided to do a search for some of the more popular name brands that are available in local drug stores (i.e. Banana Boat). I was shocked to see that the lowest risk of hazard score was a 3. The sad part is that only 6 of their 41 products have the 3 ranking. The majority of them have a ranking of 7, which is considered to be a high hazard risk.

I even decided to check out my daily moisturizer that has SPF 15 protection in it. I was amazed to see a full ranking on the specific moisturizer with UVA and UVB ratings. It had listings of what ingredients in the product could be harmful and why. It was awesome to find all this information out! I will definitely be using that site in the future to find out which products are going to protect my skin the best. I personally want as little age spots and skin cancer as possible. I know our grandparents and even our parents generation could not really avoid the sun exposure because there was little education available to them and they just did not know better. In these times, we have so much knowledge about harmful things that we are exposed to daily, in order to protect ourselves. So get out there and buy some SUNSCREEN!

Green Your Pet

Those of us that have pets probably never really thought that there were ways that we could green up our pet, but it is a great idea especially since they use this earth also. There are several things that you can do in order to green up you pet, the general ones are to adopt from any local shelter, spay or neuter your pet in order to control the pet population, pick up after them when you take your pets on walks. Some things that people wouldn't normally think of are to feed your pet natural and organic pet foods, buy them toys made from recycled materials and use natural pet care products.
There are also several websites where you can get green pet care products, which not only will the environment thank you, but your pet will as well.