Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keep Tahoe Blue

We've all seen the bumper stickers "Keep Tahoe Blue". Why the stickers you may ask? Well if you have ever visited Lake Tahoe you would know the famous emerald blue color of the lake makes people fall in love with the place. The cause behind the bumper sticker is to support keeping the lake from losing it's emerald blue color. Our environmental choices as well as animal and plant species invading the lake could one day change the color to a muddy brown. Just within the last two years scientists have discovered an Asian Clam and algae from the genus Zygnema. These two species are new developments in the lake that could change our once famous Lake Tahoe into a muddy colored swamp similar to other Sierra lakes.
The algae is said to be caused from fecal flowing into Marla Bay located on the southwestern shore of the lake. The Zygnema algae is not unusual to see every year, but the algae normally disappears. This summer is the first time the algae has stayed around the shoreline.
The Asian Clams have been around since 2002, as referenced in an article on the Tahoe Daily Tribune "Marla Bay algae invasion is a mystery". Tahoe researchers and conservationist are attempting to build a vessel that could possibly remove the clams from the lake. Hopefully this vessel will be in action soon enough to remove the clams and relocate them to a new habitat.

Information below on how you can help:

On the www.keeptahoeblue.org website they have a take action portion that lists out 10 things we can do to prevent the lake from losing it's emerald blue color. Check out the link below.

10 things you can do

They even have a support link where you are able to make donations to the cause.


Add a bumper sticker to support the cause or even a new license plate to your car.

Bumper stickers and license plates

Be sure to be kind to the environment when you visit Lake Tahoe. We don't want to be apart of the history that changes the beautiful emerald blue color to muddy brown.

Monday, August 4, 2008

How recycling is benefical to our economy!

Energy plays a big role in producing many of the products that we constantly on a daily basis. When making products from recycled goods, it takes less energy to do so. Not only does recycling take less energy it also preserves our environment and it's natural resources.
Believe it or not out of all of the water we have here on earth, only a small portion of it is suitable to drink. The less conserved the water is, the more valuable it is to us. When we dispose of water we have to be careful not to contaminate it. Just a neat little fact; if one gallon of car motor oil is disposed improperly it can contaminate approximately one million gallons of clean water.

Recycling Cell Phones

Until a few days ago I was not aware that throwing away your old cell phones could be hazardous to the environment by contaminating soil or water. While doing further research, I found that you can recycle your unused cell phones. Under my favorite links on the getwise blog page, I went to the Earth 911 link and at the top of their home page if you put in your city/state or your zip code you can see a list of all the places in your area that you can take your old, unused cell phones to and they will recycle them for you. I encourage everyone to check it out and if you have any cell phones just lying around to recycle them.