Thursday, May 1, 2008

Everyone Doing Their Part

I am extremely impressed at the little things people are doing to be water efficient. I know I sound like a broken record but...every little bit counts! Always having water on the table at a restaurant has become a habit for most establishments. It's something restaurant's just do, so customers have grown to expect it. I am glad to hear even restaurant owners are becoming more and more conscious of their everyday actions, and making a point to conserve. Check out the article below.

Water Conservation Revival At Pacifica Restaurants
Pacifica water officials have dusted off a water conservation measure, one they haven't had to use for almost 20 years.

The possibility of a drought has prompted them to look for ways to conserve water.

The North Coast County Water District handed out plastic cards to restaurant owners, saying that due to a possible water shortage patrons will have to request water.

The cards haven't been used since the drought of the late 1980's.

Nick's Seashore Restaurant is one of the eateries now implementing the new policy on serving water. Tom Schlieve of Nick's said that he noticed customers often didn't drink the water placed on the table when they sat down.

Diners interviewed by KTVU News said they didn't mind the new policy at all and would ask for water if they felt thirsty.

The North Coast County Water District officials are closely watching Pacifica's water supply. Right now the levels are below average and the fear is that it could drop even lower. Kevin O'Connell said "We're looking at the possibility of a drought coming in this summer, we looked at several different options."

The district asked local restaurants to adopt the water by request policy. So far 32 have agreed.

O'Connell said that about 2 gallons of water per customer are saved. He said the savings will add up quickly if you figure in the water used to wash the glasses.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District recently said it may begin mandatory water rationing this summer.