Monday, December 1, 2008

A Greener Christmas

I know we all have our own picture perfect Christmas of exactly what it should be and how it should look. When it boils down to it, if we could do things more Eco-friendly I know we would. I know of 5 simple easy things we can do that really make a huge difference.

Number one is to replant or donate your Christmas tree. I know everyone loves the smell of pine so take care of your tree and once Christmas is over donate your Christmas tree to be replanted in local parks, church's, schools, etc. Second would be switching from incandescent lights to LED lights. It is a fact that if every American home switched to LED Christmas lights, we could save $160 million in energy costs this season alone. Not only that but your bill alone would drop significantly. Third is to either make or buy recycled ornaments. Families could get together and make ornaments out of fruits and berries, gingerbread cookies, pine cones, etc. Most of the ornaments made in today's society are either plastic or glass. Did you know that you can rent a Christmas tree? People deliver it before Christmas and set it up for you and after the Holiday they come and pick it up. This is a great way to insure that the plant will be replanted; and last but not least number five. Christmas trees can be recycled a number of ways. They can be turned in mulch, used for landscaping or chipped and used on pathways. By doing this trees not only stabilize the soil but provide habitats for fish, birds and mammals as well.

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Ashley said...

This makes me want to pop some popcorn and string it up around the tree! :)