Monday, November 3, 2008


Here are a few things that we can expect from our favorite coffee company coming up in the near future. As part of its Shared Planet™ program, Starbucks has vowed to:

* Making 100 percent of Starbucks cups to be reusable or recyclable.
* Increase and encourage in store recycling.
* “Greening” all new, company-owned stores by 2010.
* Growing and ethically trading 100% of the company’s coffee (up from the current
* Contributing more than 1 million community service hours annually in Communities where the company does business.
* Reduce its global impact by conserving water and energy and promoting forest conservation.

Starbucks has committed to achieving these goals by 2015. Current Starbucks is already supporting other green programs in stores; such as a 10-cent discount whenever a customer brings there own cup to fill up instead of a store paper cup.

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Katrina said...

I love Starbucks (maybe its because I am a former Starbucks barista...). They are also set to be the world's largest buyer of Fair Trade certified coffee; helping the farming communities and incomes. "it makes that bit of magic in the morning (500 billion cups worldwide each year, actually) that so many of us rely on a little more meaningful because you can sip without guilt knowing it was ethically traded, and that improvements to the farming communities and agricultural practices are in place."

They have already started sending out store management over to places like New Orleans to help with the rebuilding, as well as canceled their annual leadership trip (every store manager and assistant manager company wide attends) to Costa Rica - using that money instead to give company wide raises (from higher management, all the way down to every barista)!!