Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

Tis the season for colds, and the germs that cause them.

Did you know that half of us don't wash our hands enough throughout the day (and after using the restroom - yuck!)? And and that two-thirds of the half of us that do wash our hands, don't wash them long enough to make a difference? Makes you not want to shake hands or touch doorknobs!!

Washing our hands is something we all seem to take for granted. But proper, effective hand washing takes only 30 seconds and it is the single best way to prevent the spread of the flu and the common cold. You will not only prevent the spread of your germs to other people, but prevent yourself from catching germs as well.

A way of measuring "how long is long enough" when washing your hands, is singing Happy Birthday. No, not out loud... keep those vocals to yourself. If you wash your hands long enough to sing happy birthday, than you are washing your hands long enough to properly kill all those nasty cold causing germs (assuming you are using soap and warm water...)!

So next time you are at the sink, think Happy Birthday!


Missy said...

All these years, I thought my mother was lying to me! She told me the same thing about singing happy birthday while washing your hands. What do ya know?! Mom's are always right!!!

Elisha said...

Katrina, I love your blogs. So simple with so much truth and I get sick way too much!! Never heard the birthday singing thing but this is good cause we don't stress enough about washing our hands and how easily germs spread. Keep up the great work!