Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Want Green Employees? Reward Them For Being Good

So your company's gone green. You're doing all your printing on recycled stock. You're shipping with recycled cardboard containers and using biodegradable foam for packing and you've switched to more efficient lights in the office. The only problem you still have is getting your employees in the game. You could always do what Earth911 of California did, offer the prime parking spaces to employees who frequently carpool or drive hybrid vehicles.

Earth911 is located in San Francisco California, a city notorious for minimal parking and rampant crash and runs. You're more likely to get your car damaged by simply parking it on the street than stepping in front of a moving train. Well...ok...I'm over exaggerating a little. Just a little. But in a city where parking is hard to come by incentives like this can really make the difference to your employees.

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