Friday, October 31, 2008

Living like Tarzan?

Mitchell Joachim, an eco-architect, has a visionary idea about how to grow living treehouses from ficus that is molded around a group of frame structures. 

"As part of the ecological architecture nonprofit Terreform, Mitchell Joachin, Lara Greden, and Javier Arbona designed this living treehouse in which the dwelling itself merges with its environment and nourishes its inhabitants. 'Fab Tree Hab' dissolves our conventional concept of home and establishes a new symbiosis between the house and its surrounding ecosystem."

In order to build this treehouse, an initial frame must be constructed by forming and manipulating lager tree trunks and branches of trees such as Elm, Live Oak, and Dogwood, to bear the heavier loads. Vines, smaller branches, and other plants would form the lattice work for the walls and roof of the house. The inside structure would be made of cob (clay and straw), which has been proven as a tried and true "green building" approach that allows for customization in shaping the walls and ceilings. 

The idea is to create a structure that provides sustenance for the inhabitants and other living creatures who interact with the structure, that when utilized in their "living state", can create a "superstructure" that is biologically pure and contains no unknown substances. 

I don't know what to think about the idea. Although these designers have the best intentions and are only trying to "do good", it seems like we are using the technology and resources we have today to live like Tarzan and the Swiss Family Robinsons... going forwards just to go backwards....

Below is a short video:

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