Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frogs In Trouble

It looks like the little, green amphibians are facing extinction. Why would this concern us? Scientists say that amphibians are indicators of how the environment changes. Since they breathe partly through their skin, they are more sensitive to things such as disease, pollution, toxic chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, and habitat destruction. So the fact that they are showing signs of going extinct could be early warning signs that some ecosystems are out of whack.
There is hope though, Jane Goodall has been talking to zoo's regarding an international breeding program called the Amphibian Ark. This is where amphibian's that would otherwise go extinct would be put into biosecure shipping containers to let them be able to breed safely until they can be secured into the wild.
Personally, I am glad that people are working together to help frogs. I love the little guys, not only because I think they are cute and they get rid of annoying flies, but know because it means that our environment is doing well.

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