Thursday, October 2, 2008

Every Day Cutting Back

Cutting back on expenses in today's economy is a smart thing to do. You can start with the coffee you buy everyday on the way to work. Instead of buying one bring coffee from home and just add all of the money you save in one month. Bringing your lunch also saves you money on food and money for gas. Another easy savings is reading the paper online in stead of having it delivered to your house everyday or buying one from a stand.

Another very effective thing is carpooling. Find a fellow employees that live around you and carpool to work; rotate being the driver. This really allows you to cut back on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

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Leanne said...

These are some very good ways that everyone can start saving money, and lets face now more than ever is when people need to start doing that. Thanks for the post Elisa.