Thursday, October 9, 2008

Endangered Species

How important is the specie life to us in today's society. Probably not as important as it should be. McDonald's Corporation and Cl partnered up almost 20 years ago in creating on the ground conservation efforts along side and educational outreach campaign. This campaign is focused on teaching kids how important it is to protect endangered species.

McDonald's in Europe has turned something useful into something fun. This partnership has launched a happy mean promotion. This happy meal special is a great way to make children and parents more aware of endangered species and how they are being threatened by climate change. The promotion is focused on 8 species of endangered animals. These 8 animals are:









This is a unique opportunity to empower children to make conservation an every day part of their lives. For more information you can visit and

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Leanne said...

It is nice to see that companies are working to save the lives of endangered animals. I would hate to think that our grandchildren, or even our children could possibly only know what these animals look like by seeing them in a book.