Friday, October 3, 2008

Denver Youths Make a Big Splash

What would you do if someone knocked on your front door and wanted to replace your old, inefficient toilet with a new, state of the art, low flow model? Did I mention they'd do it all for free? Well that's exactly what the Mile High Youth Corps and Denver Water are doing in the Denver area.

The program is part of a contract between Denver Water and the Mile High Youth Corps, a Denver based job training program, which began in 2007. At the time the youth corps was already greening up area residences by conducting energy audits for dwellings listed with Colorado's Low Income Energy Assistance Plan, installing compact fluorescent light bulbs, efficient shower heads and other items to cut energy use.

Going door-to-door the youths offer to replace toilets with newer efficient ones, install water conserving aerators, and install high efficiency shower heads saving just this year alone an estimated 18.2 million gallons of water for Denver residents. That's enough water to fill 28 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Awesome job guys!

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Leanne said...

That is a great idea. I just wish they did that in California.

Elisha said...

This is such an awesome thing and I am sure that there are some lower income people that really apperciate this.