Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Turning Waste Into Gas, Oil or Energy

I was on the Environmental News Network website, when I came across an article stating that there is a tofu factory in Indonesia where they are turning the waste from tofu into energy. This got me to thinking, what other random things can be turned into gas, oil or energy?

In 2007 Popular Science had a "Best of What's New in 2007" and one of the inventors featured was a man named Frank Pringle. He has found a way to take random things such as a piece of tire, a rock, or a plastic cup and make natural gas and oil from them by using a microwave emitter. The article says that you can do this with anything that is made at hydrocarbons, which is almost everything.

It is really interesting to find out that pretty much everything around you can be turned into gas, oil or energy.

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Elisha said...

Very interesting Leanne and a great blog subject at that! :)