Friday, September 12, 2008

Save Money By Doing Simple Things...

You can start conserving energy and saving money by raising your thermostat in the summer by one to five degrees. In the winter you could lower when your gone and sleep with extra clothes on and blankets.

Always wash your clothes in cold water. Not only because cold water preserves the color but mainly because it is cheaper. When it is time to dry always make sure that you have a pretty full load; because believe it or not the fuller the load is the more you conserve energy.

When using lighting, you should use energy efficient bulbs; they reduce electricity up to 75 percent and last much longer. When using a might light, make sure to use the one that automatically shuts off during the day.

One thing that the most of us can all do is slow down when driving. By slowing down you can save money on gas. The faster you go the more your mileage decreases. A few things that can work to your advantage are getting your oil change regularly and using cruise control. Clean oil reduces friction and helps improve the fuel's economy.

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