Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paper That Isn't Recyclable

Most people think that when you recycle something, 100% of the time it is recycled; that is not true. If one thing is contaminated in a bag of recyclables; the entire bag will not be recycled and it will end up in a land fill.

paper is recycled by mixing shredded fibers in with water to make new pulp. One major contaminate is oil. I'm sure everyone has heard water and oil don't mix. If you recycle something with oil in it, you will get new paper with oil stains. Perfect example is a pizza box. Most people see the cardboard box and think it's recyclable but the fact of the matter is, that it's not recyclable because of all of the oil that has absorbed into the box. So instead of contaminating all of the recyclables just throw it in the garbage.

Paper that has previously been wet is also not recyclable. The reason being is the exposure to water shortens that papers fibers; making it much less valuable. A good example of wet paper would be newspaper. If it was left in the rain or thrown on the dewy grass; it is no longer recyclable; and is now just garbage.

When recycling paper products, you don't have to bother with the staples, paperclips or even adhesive envelopes.

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Kristen said...

Many companies are making utensils, plates, plastic cups, etc. out of sugar cane and corn. This makes them compostable. They should do the same for Pizza Boxes.