Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little bit goes a long way...

We are all familiar with saving water and the many water efficient devices that are available to us. For most of us, the concept of saving water has been embedded into us from an early age. “turn the water off when you brush your teeth,” and other phrases, are all ones we are use to hearing from our mothers. But, while you are turning off the water while you brush your teeth and waiting to do your laundry till midnight when its considered “off peak” hours, have you considered what chemicals you are mixing with all that precious water, that’s undoing all that hard water saving work?

When you’re washing those clothes at midnight, are you using biodegradable detergents and softeners that use plant oils? Or dryer cloths that don’t contain animal tallow? Thats some pretty dirty stuff to be put around your body let alone in our water!

What about when you’re washing your hands throughout the day? Are you using a non-toxic, triosan-free soap? If your not, you’re not only dirtying up our water, but you’re killing all the aquatic and plant life that it comes in contact with after it leaves your sink. “Soap's job is to clean. Not kill. So why do so many brag about their 99.99% death rate? if microbes can't take it, what makes you think your hands can?” - method. When you use the oh-so popular hand sanitizers that are out there, what are you using? Most of the leading brands carry harmful chemicals that are toxic to you let alone our water!

When you’re cleaning your kitchen and your bathroom, what are you using? You use a lot of water with all those products... Are you sure they are not contaminating while your cleaning? If you can’t understand half of the ingredients on the label, and if it says harmful if digested, keep out of reach from children, than it’s probably not good for the water either... We should be using biodegradable, bleach-free products.

What about washing dishes? Have you thought about what your soap is leaving behind and contaminating the water, let alone your food? If you spend the extra money to eat organic foods, you might as well save it. If you aren’t using a biodegradable, phosphate-free dishwasher detergent, than all those chemicals that you were trying so hard to avoid have just made their way back up onto your dinner plate.

As we grow into a more “green” conscience society, there are more and more product lines becoming available to us to assist us in detoxing our homes (and water!). One of the fastest growing and leading brands out there today, is Method. Not only are they selling environmentally safe products, but they have started a movement called “people against dirty.” Method has acquired a faithful following of product users like kids to the neighborhood ice cream truck! Other major brands have quickly tried to follow suit with providing environmentally safe products but have a while to go before they start nipping at Method’s heals. If you haven’t heard of Method, or tried their products, check them out. They have recently published a book called “Squeaky Green” that spills the beans on all the dirty little secrets hiding in your home. You can find Method at Target and other major retailers. You can also check them out online at methodhome.com

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Leanne said...

I really like that you posted this blog because to be honest I never really thought about the products that I use.