Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HP Gets It Done With Innovative Packaging

As companies look for innovative ways to reduce packaging and freight costs, HP has emerged as one of the leaders. Building on its early adoption this past April of the US EPA's SmartWay program to utilize fuel efficient transportation for some of its products, HP is venturing into new packaging ideas with the release of its Pavilion dv6929 laptop.

Not only will this product do away with individual boxes and conventional packaging, it will be sold in a reusable Messenger Bag made by HP from 100 percent recycled materials. This product/packaging combo won the Walmart Home Entertainment Design Challenge by successfully reducing its packaging by 97 percent while also conserving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. Walmart estimates that the configuration will reduce their shipping needs by 25% on this product, or the equivalent of removing one out of every four trucks previously needed to deliver the notebooks to Walmart stores and Sam’s Club locations around the country.

Examples like this will hopefully lead to more creative ideas and broader adoption of new practices that will serve the environment as well as the bottom line - all while showing a 'can-do' attitude on improving our planet.

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Kristen said...

What about those who don't need the re-usable bag? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of conservation if your adding more junk to the world? At least it is recyclable.