Monday, September 8, 2008

GM Plants Going 'Landfill Free' by 2010

Many businesses are realizing that to compete in today's environmentally aware marketplace they need to be "green". One of latest of these companies "going green" is none other than General Motors, manufacturers of the Chevrolet and GMC line of automobiles, who have vowed to make more than half of their manufacturing plants "Landfill Free" by 2010.

Free Press: "GM said Friday it has added 33 plants to its list of "landfill-free" plants, bringing the total to 43.

And by 2010 GM is aiming to achieve landfill-free status at more than 80, or half, of its manufacturing plants.

GM defines "landfill-free" as reusing or recycling 96% or more of the waste generated by the manufacturing process.

"As a result of our global efforts, recycled metal scrap sales are approaching $1 billion in annual revenue," said John Buttermore, vice president GM Powertrain.

GM will also generate about $16 million in revenue in North America, he said, from recycled wood, cardboard, plastic and oil.

"So in additional to being environmentally responsible, there is a bottom-line benefit to our recycling efforts," Buttermore said."

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