Friday, August 29, 2008

When rain or garden hose and sprinkler water flows into the gutter, it carries all pollutants along with it into the Storm drain, Usually the pollutants are motor oil, pesticides, fertilizers, grass clippings, paint and pet waste. Usually whatever flows into a storm drain, flows directly into our local creeks and lakes; ending in our ocean. This is a bad thing because the polluted water is harmful to humans as well as wildlife.

* Motor oil is never to be put in the trash or poured on the ground. It is recyclable so you can take it to any auto store and they will dispose of it for you.

* The pesticides that are washed off of your lawn are toxic to our environment. In most cases these pesticides are lethal to living creatures. The best way to go is using non-toxic pesticides.

* After your done painting and it is time to wash off your paint brushes, if your using a latex water based paint, you can wash your brush right there in the kitchen sink. However if you are using oil based paints, you must clean your brushes in a container with solvent. After you are finished washing them you can dispose of the liquids by taking them to a household hazardous waste center.

* Pet waste is harmful because it contains a bacteria that can easily spread disease. The proper way to dispose of it, is to seal it in a plastic bag and put it in the trash. Do not hose it off into the storm drain.

* When disposing of your yard clippings, you can either leave the clippings ion the lawn or composite them. By leaving them on the lawn, you actually reduce water loss and the need for fertilizer. When using the composting method, nature allows your green waste to be broken down back into the earth.

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