Monday, August 25, 2008

Tommy Lee and Ludacris Duke It Out to Prove Who is the Most Green

So what happens when you take a famous rock star and pit him against one of the top rappers in a battle to see who can be the most green? Well to find out you need to be watching Battleground Earth on Planet Green (part of the Discovery Channel Networks) where rocker Tommy Lee is battling Ludacris to see who is the most green.

I've seen several of these episodes and it's a great show. Every episode features an assignment they must complete. Along they way they pull in celebrities and friends to help out. Each show features a different way you can be green.

To check it out go to or check with your local cable or satellite provider to find out where you can find Planet Green then follow along as Tommy Lee and Ludacris prank, tease and taunt each other while helping spread the word that "little changes add up to big savings".

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Kristen said...

I'm going to TiVo this. Looks interesting.It's good to see people using their power to benefit the earth.