Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tahoe Environmental Research Center

After my last post "Keep Tahoe Blue" I continued to read articles online that referenced different sources trying to help the environment in Lake Tahoe. One of those sources is the Tahoe Environmental Research Center. The research center even references the Asian Clam on their website (referenced in my last post), which has been confirmed a threat to the lakes emerald blue color. However, controversial to this fact the research has also concluded recently that the lakes clarity has improved since 2001. So maybe some of the "Keep Tahoe Blue" initiatives have been helping over the last 7 years?!? Regardless as to the reason for the clarity in the lake, it's pleasant to know the environment hasn't completely given up on us.

The Tahoe Environment Research Center also received a platinum LEED Certificate for their building located in Incline Village on the North East side of the lake. The building houses the UC Davis research laboratories and also a free public education center.

Next time you visit the Sierras you should stop by the center and show your support.

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