Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Greening Your Commute With 5 Simple Steps

The 5 steps that I am about to list really can help the impact on our environment.

1. Morning Cup of Coffee
Most people buy coffee in the morning and it comes in a disposable paper cup. If you were to buy a stainless steal or even plastic coffee cup and reuse it, you would be cutting back on the disposable trash, the mess in your car and if you buy coffee and have them put it in your own cup; they give you a discount.

2. Driving Smart
The way you drive definitely has an affect on the outcome and longevity of your car. Driving below the speed limit is always your best bet.

3. Smart Parking
When you commute, your car sits all day outside. This can affect your car by using your air conditioning or your heater on the way home. Also leaving your vehicle in the sun all day can cause interior and exterior damage.

4. Lunch Time
When working you should pack a healthy lunch. By doing this you can save money, wear and tear on your car and pass on eating fast food. Also pack your food in reusable plastic containers to reduce money and waste.

5. Telecommuting
If you work for a large company, usually 100 people or more; sometimes employers like to have one day of telecommuting; where you work from home. By working from home you cut down on carbon foot prints, gas, money and the use of your car.

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