Monday, July 7, 2008

National Downshifting Week

It's time to slow down America and join in National Down shifting Week July 7th through 13th. What do we mean by "down shifting" you ask? We mean slow down, smell the flowers, enjoy a simpler, greener way of life.

Here are some tips on how you can take your life out of high gear. are a few 'expanded' explanations of some of the actions suggested in our 3 lists.

If you are serious about your intentions to slow down and green up, take a few unhurried moments to read through it and you will stand a far higher chance of achieving long term success.

1) Analyze your time and finance budgets.

2) Cut up a credit card.

3) Donate a bag of clothes, toys or useful items to a local charity shop, refuge or recycling center, or Free cycle them.

4) List your usual weekly purchases and eliminate 3 non-essential items.

5) Plant something in the garden to cultivate and eat and start a compost heap.

6) Cook a meal using seasonal, local ingredients, preferably organic.

7) Enjoy the enormous benefits of keeping a few chickens, preferably ex-battery.

8) Hand-make a simple card for the next birthday or event on your calendar.

9) Tonight, turn the television off, switch the radio on and play a few games and talk.

10) Book a half-day off work to spend entirely with someone you love.

For more information and tips on how you can put your life in low gear check out Down shifting, Conscious or the Discovery Channels Planet Green.

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