Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Will You Die

Just when you thought it was safe to be a kid again, those darned Aussies have come up with a neat little game that tells kids when they'll die based on how much greenhouse gases they make. OK, it could have been phrased a little better. The game actually tells you how much of your share of the planets natural resources are consumed by your daily habits and attempts to estimate by what age those will have been depleted.

Go ahead and try the game yourself. Evidently I was done for at 15.



Ashley said...

Oh my!! I was suppose to keel over at age 8.7!!!! I think the flying to Australia is what sent me over the edge! haha

Jaclyn said...

It says I get to live forever!!! Which is odd...because I thought I was a lot less green than I apparently am! Good news I guess.

Kristen said...

I live forever too. But I didn't think I answered the questions very well. This is only something the Aussie's would think of!