Friday, June 6, 2008

Wasting $$ while you sleep?

Many of us are losing money while we sleep from wasted energy from appliances and chargers that draw power 24/7. Some equipment stays in the 'ready' mode when it doesn't need to be, and other standby loads or chargers draw power that is becoming known as 'phantom loads' which are hidden ways that your electric meter keeps running without you gaining any benefit! You might be amazed to hear that US Businesses lose more than $1.7 BILLION each year just from leaving computers on at night!! New ideas include software to more accurately manage power usage, switchable plug strips or new 'smart' strips which can turn off all power to specific plugs. Newer computers and appliances offer power saving modes - particularly those with an Energy Star designation. There's even an organization devoted to more energy efficient computers - check it out at

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