Thursday, June 19, 2008

California Farmers in Need of Water

While browsing through the Modesto Bee I came across an article, "West Side farmers await water after Schwarzenegger's drought declaration". The article summarized that the announcement of drought in the Central Valley took a crucial toll on farmers and their water supply. The article went on to state that one water district in particular relies entirely on water from the federal Central Valley Project, but only 40 percent of the contracted amount is available to them this year. This raised an interesting question, why the contracted amount?

To make it short and sweet for all eyes I did a little research. The Central Valley Project was created to accomplish conservation, flood control, storage, and distribution. These regulations that the Central Valley Project assumes on farmers in times of drought may cost farmers their crops.

In the article the Del Puerto Water District is recognized as one of the biggest beneficiaries of Gov. Schwarzenegger's emergency orders this week. This area of land is secluded compared to other areas within the Central Valley. For example, areas such as Modesto, Turlock and Oakdale won't be troubled the same as others due to inheriting first reserve on the Stanislaus and San Joaquin Rivers. Overall our drought this year will threaten many crops and place farmers in need to create new resources for water.

Below is a second article addressing the same issue:

California Farm Bureau Federation

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Kristen said...

Wow, the drought is going to effect us as more than I thought. If farmers are unable to water their crop that means less, food and higher grocery bills. I like this bottom article you attached where the local farmer is planting crops that need less water to grow or are finished before summer. I think this is a great idea.