Friday, May 23, 2008

Until the sun shines out of your arse, use an energy-efficient light bulb instead

The Euro's sure do have an interesting way of thinking. This add not only made me laugh, but made me think. I'm always wondering how far to push advertising. If you go too far you risk offending your audience. But if you do the same old thing everyone else is doing you come across boring and unmemorable. Where do you draw the line?

Although this add is extremely funny, and I won't be able to get the picture out of my head. Is the product memorable? Do you even remember the product or cause? Or will you just pass on the video to friends because it's funny? Is all publicity, good publicity?

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Missy said...

I couldn't stop laughing! But you are right, I could barely remember the fact that it was an advertisement for a CFL.