Monday, May 5, 2008

Only Tap Water Delivers

You probably turn it on more often every day than the TV, the radio and your cell phone without ever worrying whether what comes out is dangerous to you or your family.

"It" is a faucet, and, with most people's attention focused on the soaring price of gasoline these days, it's easy to overlook the importance of water to everyone's life and the economy. That's one of the reasons the American Water Works Association launched the annual National Drinking Water Week campaign about 30 years ago.

The week long campaign, built around the theme of "Only Tap Water Delivers", begins today and is meant to remind people that water plays an indispensable role in public health, fire protection, the economy and the overall quality of life.

The average person uses 101 gallons of water a day, most of which ends up in the sewer system from toilets, bathing, washing machines, dishwashers or other household chores. Another large portion goes for watering lawns. Only about 3 percent is actually used for drinking.

While Americans are pouring an average of almost 100 gallons a day into the sewer or onto the ground, 3 million people a year die in countries around the world that do not have a safe drinking water supply. It's something the AWWA wants people to think about this week.

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