Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Japan always gets the cool tech stuff before us!

This has to be one of the coolest GREEN inventions I've seen in a long time. Triumph International Japan Ltd (a lingerie manufacturer) has just come out with a green bra. This bra is not only green in color, but it can also generate enough juice to power up your phone or your i-pod! It has a solar panel that goes over your belly section and creates enough juice to re-fuel your mini-techy-devices! This is definitely in line with blue tooth ear pieces and under the skin implanted debit/id cards and all the other tech stuff that goes on your body...and I thought cyborgs died with the 80's sci-fi flicks...go figure...Here's the link.


Kristen said...

This is great! I could call in sick, "sorry boss I can't come to work today. I can't wear my bra out in the rain." Think it would work?

Jaclyn said...

Inventive, but I'm not sure how comfortable that looks!

DDD said...

I think it would be perfectly fine if women wore less clothes in the summer time to leverage the use of their solar powered underwear, it's normally hot anyways. Besides how can you knock someone who is trying to do the right thing for our environment? Somebody has got to start making sacrifices. In this instance the sacrifice is wearing less clothes. Whatever it takes, I'm all for it.