Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go Green on 2 Wheels

With soaring fuel prices, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles are a great way to take the pinch out of your pocket book. But there's an even easier and healthier way, ride a bike!

Bicycling to work, the store, or just around town while you do your errands is not only a great way to save energy and money but it's good for you too! If you're interested in riding a bike to work now is the perfect time, May is National Bike month with National Bike to Work Week the 12th - 16th.

For more information on events being held in your community check out

So do something healthy for yourself and the environment. Get out on 2 wheels!


Kristen said...

I'll have to get the bike out, dust it off, and check the tires for a weekend ride. I for sure won't be participating in Bike to Work Week. Consideing I travel 47 miles each way :-)

ShawnMarie said...

Modesto,CA May 15th Bike to Work Day. The city is handing out free continental breakfast and t-shirts to the first 125 people that arrive. I'll race you!!