Friday, May 9, 2008

Economy Going Green

So I was cruising through the newspaper this morning and came across this article.

It really makes you think about all of the benefits of the 'green' movement not only in terms of saving water or energy but in the creation of new jobs. So do your part by going 'green' and you can help protect the earth, save some money and keep your neighbor employed. Pretty Hot!


Who's House? Run's House said...

it's definitely interesting to see the economy embrace this movement. Hopefully not only will the job market here in the valley improve, but it will be great if it is a lasting change. I've read articles that have said solar and wind power were still not economically the best options, but as more people embrace them, hopefully the costs will come down, and keep those employment opportunities alive.

michelle said...

Being green is becoming such a big trend that it is hard to avoid it. People are participating in green activity everyday and they aren’t even aware of it. I sure didn't realize that's what I was doing every time I paid a bill online.

I just recently crossed over to the green side and my most recent change was switching to bioheat. It's something that everyone can use because it is biodegradable and non-toxic. How awesome is it to be able to tell people that you heat your house using organic products like soybean oil? I always get a shocking reaction with that one. In fact, people are so appalled that they have to try it themselves to see if I'm telling the truth and they end up loving it as much as I do. And OMG in the winter it is everyone's best friend. It definitely keeps me warm during the cold seasons.

If I didn’t work for NORA I would have never agreed to go green or even try bioheat. Lately I have been encouraged to do more research and see what other ways I could help preserve the planet. I got lots of great tips from:

Check it out and see if there are tips that will make your transition as easy as mine.