Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bottled Water - A Necessity?

So I'm sure you have heard all the hype over plastic bottles, they contaminate our landfills, are hard to recycle, and if re-used can disperse harmful chemicals into your water. Well last weekend I was fed up with the hype and finally gave in a drove myself to REI to pick up a few re-useable plastic bottles. For a whopping $12 dollars (and only 24 oz.) I purchased 3 Camelbak bottles to cart around with me everywhere I go. Now I know this sounds like complaining, but after I got home I was directed to a site that gave me a little more information on why we shouldn't use so many water bottles. It really made me feel better about purchasing the new re-useable bottles. So here are a few new things I learned.....
  1. Did you know 3 gallons of water is used to create just 1 gallon of the bottled stuff? It's true, the processes (I use plural because there are many different processes) the water goes through for "purification" cause evaporation to take place.
  2. Every ton of PET plastic for the bottles produces 3 tons of carbon–adding 2.5 Million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  3. Visit for more
Now, I like to think of myself as a realist, so I'm not saying strike against all water bottles and the companies who produce them, you'll still catch me drinking from one on occasion. But it really was an easy, simple thing to do, and I feel really good about it. So next time your just down the street from your local sports store, pick one up and give it a try. Here are 2 good options.
  • Camelbak - these are the ones I bought, they even have trendy neoprene carrying cases.
  • Nalgene - These have been around forever, great for hiking

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Loyd said...

We got some really cool and inexpensive water bottles with sealed , reusable blu ice at Target for only $5.99. They have a sippy straw and are great for older kids and adults.