Friday, April 18, 2008

It's the little things that count

So yesterday after work I sat down on the couch to watch my daily Oprah show I had previously Tivo'd. Many times I fast forward to the good parts, or skip over the mushy parts, but last night I found myself addicted to each word of the show titled..."What would you dare to live without."

It was sort of a continued version of the "Freegans" show I watched a few months ago. Knowing that going "Freegan" was a bit to much for me (hate me if you will, but digging through trash for groceries is not something I am willing to do). I was a little skeptical this episode would be to extreme, but quickly I started asking myself questions about my own every day habits, and evaluating my own needs.

How many water bottles, plastic cups, paper plates and napkins do I throw away on a daily basis?

How often do I walk into a room where the light is already on, and/or electronics are on (TV, computer, radio, etc.)?

How much food am I throwing away every week that either just "looks bad" or is spoiled from sitting for so long because I've been eating out too often?

All these questions are referring to not only the energy wasted to manufacture and produce these items but also the money spent purchasing them. Are these really a necessity in your everyday life? Could you live without your coffee in a paper cup every day? Why does that light or computer need to be on when your not even in the room?

My point is, that every little bit counts. Every cloth napkin, every light you turn off when you leave the room, every meal you cook at home instead of eating out, makes a difference. Not only for the world but for your own pocket book! So look around, and find a few different ways every day to save, after all , it's the little things that count.

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Ashley said...

I must admit that I am 100% guilty of this. My laptop, blow dryer, cell phone charger and camera battery charger are plugged into the wall 24 hours a day, practically 7 days a week. Why? I really do not know. But if I had to throw out a wild answer, I would say just plain laziness.

The food in the refrigerator is an issue for me as well. There are only certain leftovers that I will eat. Yet for some reason, after every meal, I put leftovers in their Tupperware and then into the fridge. Maybe I am hopeful that I will have a sudden change of heart about them? Who knows?

So, I am going to set a goal to unplug my blow dyer and all my charges when I am through with them. I am also going to stop wasting fridge and dish washer energy (and water) by making less food for dinner, so there will be less likely to be leftovers. Lets face it, our planet rocks and I would like it to stay around a bit longer.